Making a dining table

If a person has golden hands and has the necessary tool, he can easily make a dining table. The average table height is approximately 75 centimeters, width 65 and length 120. Necessary material:

Board for countertops 125ⅹ18 centimeters 4 pieces.

Brusok 10ⅹ10 1 meter 4 pieces – these are the legs of the table.

Board 100ⅹ10 and 48ⅹ10 2 pieces each – this is the tsar.

It is advisable to use dry pine material. Boards and beams need to be treated with fugan. Clean and smooth board is cut exactly in size. The first steps is the legs of the table with the tsarks. The connection of the tsar and the legs can be produced in different ways.

Connection of spike-paz parts. A recess-paazing is chosen in the table’s leg. A spike is made on the tsar.

The easiest way is to connect parts with self-tapping parts. But the most unreliable.

Lastochkin tail – made using a milling cutter and a special cutter. Gives a very strong connection of parts, for reliability, the connected surfaces are treated with carpentry glue.

Further, to obtain a tight joint, the ends, the boards of the countertops are treated with a fuganka. And lay them out alternately in the king. With the help of metal corners and self -tapping screws, the countertops are attached to the tsarists. If there are burrs on the table, they are eliminated by processing with sandpaper. Then, the table is covered with varnish or other decorative coating.

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