Waterproofing when repairing a bathroom

The repair in such an important room as the bathroom must be approached comprehensively and with a very large responsibility. In this case, you need to understand what and where it is installed and in general, what can be used when repairing in the bathroom, and what cannot be.

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If you start as they say from the very beginning, then you need to mention the waterproofing, this is what you need to do the first thing when starting the repair, of course, only after dismantling the old finish and plumbing.

Waterproofing is of great importance and by the way is carried out in several ways. Most often, roll isolation is used, which is glued on the surface with bitumen and other materials, less often coating insulation is used, which is a thick material, for example, the same bitumen mastic that is applied to the surface with the help of hands.

It is important to mention that even after a competently conducted waterproofing, it is essentially not finished yet. The fact is that waterproofing work is required after laying the tile coating. This is, of course, about the sealing of inter -seams, through a special tile grout. In principle, this is not waterproofing in its usual sense, although in fact it is.