Waterproofing basement

The basements are part of most buildings, all of them differ in one problem, which consists in high humidity. That is why the procedure for their waterproofing is mandatory for the normal operation of the basements. In the event that wastewater will flow into the basement, this will most likely entail the appearance of the fungus and mold.

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To protect the basement from humidity is not enough for one waterproofing. First, in all basements, the ventilation system should be equipped. Secondly, the basement must be connected to the heating system and heat up in the cold season. Well, as for the waterproofing itself, it can be carried out both outside and from the inside. The easiest option is internal waterproofing.

For internal waterproofing of the basement, only, corrugated strip copper, roofing degenebitum cardboard and rolled bilan-nuclearine can be used. At the same time, experts do not advise using lead and strip aluminum for isolation, as they are quickly destroyed. These were materials for horizontal isolation. As for those that are used for vertical, the best among them are special solutions.