Israeli doors guarding order

In almost any modern industry there are certain companies that occupy a leading position there in terms of quality and volume of products they produce. As a rule, such organizations produce the best products from the point of view of the ratio of “price/quality”. If we talk about the entrance doors, the Israeli company Mult-Lock should be attributed to the leaders of this industry. For 40 years now, she has been producing excellent door leafs.

To date, the doors multiple in terms of sales are in fourth place in the world. Of course, such an achievement should be based on something. The fact is that in addition to the door leafs, the rest of the door accessories is also produced at the factory. This includes pens, locks, eyes, closers and much more. As a result, even in the production, these products are equipped with all the necessary elements, and consumers have no need to install additional locks or contours.

It is worth noting that this reason these products have such a long period of warranty service, which is 10 years. For example, if the products of Russian consumers are based on the basis, then here the guarantee does not exceed a period of one year.

In addition to a long warranty period, the main difference between the door of the multiplows from Russian counterparts is their excellent hacking properties. It was these properties that glorified these models not only in Russia, but throughout the world.

At the same time, affecting the issues of disgusting, it should be noted that today scammers use several completely opposite ways to hack the doors. The first way of opening is the force of force, and the other is intellectual. In the first case, attackers use not only gross physical strength, but also improvised uncomplicated tools – scrap, fomka and so on. Therefore, in order to withstand coarse force, the design must contain special stiffeners’ ribs in its composition. The intellectual method implies that the fraudster will have a special set of master keys, which he should perfectly be able to use. In order for the fraudster to get into the apartment in this way, it is worth mounting a reliable, imported castle on the door. It is worth noting that all Israeli models are equipped with just such locks.

Multiple products – a guarantee of quality and high level of reliability around the world. Their products are in demand around the world.