Tretens on wood

Hand milling tool today is one of the most popular and popular. The need for wood processing can be professional, as well as a real hobby if woodworking and manufacturing wooden structures are your favorite hobby. The manufacture of wooden furniture, decor items, doors, windows, and any others require the use of various tools. A manual milling cutter with a set of all kinds of mills is just what is required to obtain products from natural wood of any configuration.

And if you already have a manual milling mill, then you will definitely need milling mills. Cutters differ not only in their configuration and purpose, but also by the type of materials from which they are made. It is the quality of the steel from which the cutters are made that is a guarantee of the long term of the cutter and high quality of the products obtained. The Korvet online store collaborates only with the largest milling suppliers offering products that meet the highest standards.

When choosing certain mills for a hand cutter, you should pay attention to their purpose, diameter, as well as the quality of the steel from which they are made. Wood mills are usually made of two types of steel. The basis of the cutter is made of high -carbon steel. While the cutting edges of the cuts are attacks of steel, which has much more firmness and wear resistance. Such a cutter for a long time retains sharpness and is not erased. In addition, mills can be with or without bearings. Minks with bearings are used when the manufactured product or part is small and the master can bring them to the machine and install them in the right position, in the same cases when this is not possible, mills are used without bearings.