How best to glaze a balcony or loggia in Dzerzhinsky

Balcony or loggia will be useful in any apartment, because thanks to them you can not only receive portions of fresh air, but also expand the living area. In the latter case, it is worth using glazing, in which the German profile of the “century” takes part and time -tested time.

Such glazing of balconies and loggias in Dzerzhinsky has long been practiced by the company Dzerzhinsky, which is able to provide its customers with optimal conditions for joint cooperation and acceptable prices for the installation of windows. Previously, these parts of the housing did not glaze, because no one planned to attach them to the total area, and in our time the situation has changed dramatically and this opportunity was the only solution for many families. Some I want to get a small space, for example, for the workplace, which can also be done with a competent glazing.

There is an open type on the balcony, one side is suitable for the room, and the other goes to the street. In the case of accession to the total living space, it is necessary to mount a special system for installing windows, make insulation of places through which air flows can penetrate and remove the existing partition with the room, which is completely easy to do. This solution is considered the cheapest and optimal for apartment buildings. At the same time, Okna-Dzerzhinskij. offers various options for glazing, which will be in demand in a particular situation and will have a different cost.

In one case, we are talking about a standard glazing method with the installation of a metal, wooden or plastic frame structure. Not very thick windows can be installed here, which do not help from the cold in winter, so the balcony will not be a place for connecting to the room. In a more acceptable version, it is proposed to use reliable profiles and multi -layer windows, which allow you to become a significant barrier for external factors. This includes not only wind and frost, but also the noise coming from the street. It is clear that in this case the cost of the entire structure increases significantly, in comparison with a similar project, but without the use of reliable windows and profiles. In this case, each of the customers himself determines what exactly is required to receive after completion of work, and also is the calculation using the available funds for such work.