Where to get the right to control boats?

Lovers of water transport probably know that you can’t just buy a boat and hit the road. This requires the rights to drive water transport. You can receive them officially and without excess redness in the company of the GIMS. This company is engaged in the training of boats with the subsequent issuance of rights, as well as directly the execution of rights and related documentation as soon as possible without prior training.

In the GIMS you can draw up rights in just a few days. The procedure is legal. Cooperation with the company is profitable and safe. An additional advantage for those who do not have a boat management skills is that you can also undergo training in the company GIMS. Firm consultants will be happy to select an individual curriculum for each. The course will take into account the type of boat and swimming areas.

Courses are held in modern training centers with accreditation and actual license. The proposed forms of training:

Full -time.

Correspondence (distance).


The training will end with an exam, after which it will be possible to take a certification in the GIMS. Rights can be obtained for such boats:


hydraulic cycle;


Little walking vessel.

If there is no time to study, then those who know how to manage boats can be drawn up in the GIMS for a couple of days. In order to start the design, you need to contact the company and submit an application, provide the specialist with all the necessary data, receive a document within the appointed time. It is necessary to provide passport data, including information about the place of registration, several color photographs, actual address and legal phone. Documents will deliver the courier or will be transferred by mail. The service is always paid only in fact. In GIMS, you can not only get new rights, but also restore those that were lost.

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