Information about the SRO in Construction

SRO in the construction industry are created specifically with the aim of further development of the market. They appeared for the first time in 2009. In Western countries, they existed earlier, and therefore this experience originally came to Russia from there. Now they are already successfully flourishing, developing and changing for the better.

Entry into the SRO is the obligation for each legal entity or entrepreneur who are going to engage in further construction, as well as design, repair and engineering surveys. With a positive decision on organizing and accepting it to the ranks of the participants, it is necessary to make all the necessary cash payments. These include payments to a single compensation fund, as well as entrance and membership fees. Obtaining the SRO to allow – the main document for each functioning organization is possible only after all payments established by law and the standards of a self -regulatory association. All cash enters a single fund. For example, the compensation fund in full accordance with its name is aimed at accumulating funds that can then be paid to customers of construction or the state if there are violations committed by firms and causing material damage due to this.

Each of the associations has in its composition one or another number of participants. Federal Law establishes their minimum total number. Additional branches of associations may be created in the regions. The company can always join any of them at its discretion.

Entry into the SRO provides the right to receive admission to work. There are certain requirements for obtaining this permission. The minimum criteria are listed in the Russian Town Planning Code. First of all, it is necessary that the company provides an evidence base in relation to what types of activities it is engaged in. The qualifications of employees, the presence of higher profile education and experience in practical work are also taken into account. In total, organizations should work at least three specialists with higher education or at least five employees with a secondary regional education. Obtaining a SRO to admit to a company or IP great opportunities for development.