Innovative technologies Venbore

The German company Wenglor is one of the world leaders in the production of photoelectronic sensors. Mechanisms are used to scan and analytics of electric grid devices and lighting devices. Sensors allow you to recognize colors, glow and various technical characteristics. Currently, the company is actively developing in the Russian market. The official representative office of Venglor opens a full range of products from an authoritative manufacturer.

The company offers to buy systemic sets. The sets include a variety of cables, electric grid channels, sockets and forks. Devices are qualitatively checked and tested. Today, the German brand offers extremely safe and licensed products designed for long -term use. Technical equipment is installed in office centers and public buildings, providing competent work of complex electric networks.

The company is developing innovative technical products. The intersection sensors have no analogues in the modern market. One of the features of the device is the option of self -cleaning and self -disposal of mud spots. Similar designs are used not only in electric grids, but also in various plumbing systems used in modern factories and industrial production.

The German brand develops a wide range of analytical equipment. The manufacturer works with ultrasound sensors. The mechanisms are designed to diagnose any technical objects. Sensors measure fluctuations, thermal changes, as well as various electrical waves. The use of computer technology allows you to get relevant statistics and conduct competent maintenance of both individual devices and full -fledged buildings.