How to stick a plug on the wall

First you should remove old facing materials. After that, it is necessary to putty all the holes, cracks and other defects. The wall must be covered with a primer. In the event that you want to glue the walls with cork wallpaper, then they should be as smooth as possible, as well as dry and clean.

You need to cut the wallpaper. In the room in which you will carry out repairs, you must tightly close all the windows and doors. After all, drafts in the room will lead to the fact that bubbles will appear under the wallpaper.

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It is necessary to prepare glue designed specifically for cork coating, as well as pour it into a prepared container. In order to evenly distribute the adhesive composition on the surface, you can use the roller. It must be applied in accordance with the recommendations that manufacturers provide. Since the opinions of specialists are different in relation to this issue, it is worth using only those instructions that specific manufacturers provide.

Sticking the canvases, you should adjust their joints to the joint. In order for the result to be of high quality, you should do your job together. The canvas soaked with the adhesive composition is quite easy to damage, so it is necessary to work with them carefully. After you glue cork wallpapers, you should process the seams.

Particular attention should be paid to the corners. In the event that you click strongly enough, then the cork can be damaged. And you will need to redo all the work again. Those edges that protrude a little beyond the skirting board must be cut off using a knife or scissors. Make sure that the wallpaper does not go stains.

Thus, working with a cork coating should be extremely neat, since it is enough to just damage them.