How to apply water -based paint to the ceiling

Of course, first you need to prepare a room, take out furniture, interior items. What could not be taken out, cover with polyethylene or newspapers, as well as g.

The paint and the tools that you will need during the work is most reasonable to fold in one place so that all these things do not prevent you from moving freely around the room. It is possible that the prospectors will be applied on the walls in this case should take care of not leaving not to leave traces of paint on it.

To apply paint to the ceiling, select a roller with a long pile and a width of 20-25 cm (minimum). But it is better to refuse foam rollers: they will inevitably lead to the formation of bubbles on a painted surface. Velor rollers are also far from the best option, since they take very little paint. Using such a roller, you doom yourself to too frequent diving a roller into a tray with paint. You can choose the most suitable brush on the T-Stroy website. .

Before starting painting, it is necessary to thoroughly mix the paint. Some types of it require the addition of 10-15% of water. In general, always focus on the instructions. If you have not yet got paint, you can go to Torgstroy.

The most important condition for the successful painting of the ceiling will be the application of a uniform layer of paint. If this could not be achieved in some places, then they need to be fucked and a new layer should be applied to them.