If there is an idea to change the form of your apartment according to European standards, then it is necessary to resort to the service of the designer in interiors. The designer will develop a project in which there will be the best design sketch, a report on materials, furniture, electrical appliances, etc. It is very serious and thoroughly necessary to consider the activities of the company that will repair, it must have a good reputation and operate on the market for more than one year.

To create the Art Nouveau style in the architecture and design of the apartment, it is necessary to redevelop it. Specialists of the organization that will do European repair should be finished in state bodies for redevelopment. For the entire repair time, consultations of a professional foreman are required, which will control the delivery and quality of materials, will conduct conciliatory conversations with neighbors and housing office. Modern renovation is divided into three classes in terms of complexity and diversity of the application of building technologies.

“Economy” is the most economical decoration and repair of apartments, which includes replacing windows and interior doors, first -class performance of ceilings and plastering walls. The necessary alignment and staining of the ceiling, aligning and pasting the walls with wallpaper is carried out. Carpet, laminated parquet or parquet board are laid on the floor, the skirting board of the ceiling and floor. Additional switches and sockets are placed. In addition, the bathroom is repaired, tiles are glued or some other finishing materials.

“Standard” is the most common type of modern repair, in which the apartment is redeveloped, replacing the electrical wiring and sewage pipes, heating and water supply systems. Arched openings can be made, wall geometry will change, partitions are being built. At your request, the installation of “warm floors” is made, laying a parquet board or a special rare parquet, redevelopment of the bathroom, installation of a hydromassage bathtub or showers, a conditioning system is set up, the heater of the balconies, etc. It is worth noting that recently it is this type of repair that has been popular among citizens. All because it requires small costs, but at the same time makes it possible to get much more advantages.