High -quality floor board

Today, many people choose parquet as a flooring for their houses and apartments. This is not surprising, since natural materials are more durable, and they look more presentable. Paul from parquet, as it were, emphasizes the status of the owner of the house.

At the same time, many prefer such a parquet board as Focusfloor, since these are high -quality products manufactured using the latest technologies. Such products are produced by the plant that belongs to Karelia – Upofloor. This company has been working on the market for several years and during this time managed to gain consumer trust. The company’s policy is aimed at constant development, and it sets itself very ambitious goals, namely, to become one of the leaders of the European floor market from the parquet. Accordingly, the products that they produce can be attributed to a very high class, but its price is much lower than that of other elite manufacturers of a parquet board.

Today, such a board as Focusfloor is an environmentally friendly and modern material for interior decoration of any room. Such a parquet is made of unprocessed, otherwise environmentally friendly wood, which is cut down in the forests of Karelia. In addition, an important point is that in the manufacture of such a parquet, chemicals are not used that can harm human health and the environment. The same quality standards are used by the leaders of this industry that produce other brands of parquet boards.

What is another Focusfloor board is noteworthy is a wide variety of texture and its colors. All this helps designers create a unique interior on the floor of the room, which will be unique in content. That is, without overpaying a lot of money, you become the owner of the unique sex, which no one will have anymore. At the moment, the company offers two options for its parquet board. This is a three -lane and single -lane board Focusfloor, which is released from such wood as ash or oak.

By acquiring this particular parquet board, you can be sure of its safety and durability. In addition, the rich palette of the proposed parquet will allow the most sophisticated consumer to choose exactly what he likes and make at home the floor that he dreams of. And without a doubt, Focusfloor will be a faithful assistant in this matter.