Italian doors Mario Rioli: Accent on the consumer.

For almost 5 years, the company Mario Rioli has been in the market of the Russian Federation. Company with more than centuries -old history. The current owner actively and successfully continues the traditions of the founding fathers. For such a long time, the company has developed its own and unique style. However, like any business, the factory needs to monitor fashion, offer the market what is in demand right now. Nevertheless, Mario Rioly managed to achieve a unique symbiosis. This also applies to the production of interior doors in Russia. The company offers its unique product. Why not please them with the Russian market.

There are currently various collections of Mario Rioly doors, but we will consider the three collections presented in the trading house of the elites. Two of them from veneer: Primo Amore and Linea, and one is laminated – Saluto. It is worth noting that Saluto is a very popular collection in Russia, since due to lamination, the price for it is quite low, and the quality is not Italian. We will analyze the collections of Mario Rioli in order.

Primo amore. In this collection, elements of the classical style prevail. Mostly due to philanters that have various shapes: arch, figure, rectangle. Many models are presented with a dull canvas, but you can meet those where matte glass with diamond engraving is inserted into the canvas. Glass is finished with a diamond engraving in the form of a grate or a special wooden frame. Color coloring of models is represented in warm colors: cherry, nut, oak.

Linea. A very expressive collection, in which the clarity of lines, the severity of the design prevails. The models are trimmed with veneer and presented in two color options: bleached oak and wenge. It is worth noting that the pattern on the canvas is directed horizontally, and the platband is vertically. As in the Primo Amore collection in glazed models of Mario Rioly, you can see glass inserts. Another distinguishing feature of the collection is the absence of a narthex in canvases. This means that the doors can be installed on a special sliding mechanism and used as sliding. The standard factory package includes a castle. There will be no problems with the determination of the side of the door. T. e. You can confidently install the doors of Mario Rioli from either side, so on both sides they are completely identical.

Saluto. The collection uses all the same modern technologies inherent in other collections of Mario Rioly. The method of separation is an extra -class laminate, so they are classified as laminated doors.