How the profile is painted

Everyone knows that time flies imperceptibly. Together over time, the taste preferences of people also change. Very often, such preferences are related to the interior in your house. In order for you to change anything in the interior, you need to start with windows that can be repainted in a different color. But what to do for those who have plastic windows? Not many people know that the profile may be painted, although this process is quite laborious and complicated. In order to serve for a long time after painting the profile, it will be necessary to comply with all the necessary rules. By the way, it is now recommended to buy a pipeline for cutting on the Internet, because the prices there are low.

The first thing you will need to do is to look carefully at the profile of your window. It should be not only dry, but also not have any visible pollution, for example, there should be no traces of glue or, but sticky paper on the profile. If there are such contaminants, they are removed and allowed to dry out completely.

After that, you must prepare the paint of the color you have chosen, as well as a medium -sized brush. Coloring is best done when the air temperature is at least 18 degrees of heat, as well as with a relative humidity of 80%. Paint should be applied with one layer, with a thickness of no more than 80 microns.