Gypsum and plasterboard sheet

GIPS is one of the oldest building materials, it was used in the distant 4th century BC, its strength, simplicity, fire resistance and many other advantages guaranteed it popularity for many millennia. Meanwhile, it is worth saying that high-quality jumps in the use of gypsum occurred only in the 19th century, when drywall was invented.

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Of course, that drywall was something else than it is now, but the bottom line is that it was at that time that the material that currently has just frantic popularity was born. Now it is simply impossible to imagine finishing work without the use of drywall sheets that are used when decorating walls, and when decorating the ceiling, and even when decorating the floor.

Drywall is very supple and generally easy to use material. It is also worth noting its low cost and that it is provided for sale in a large assortment. At the moment, in addition to the standard or ordinary drywall, moisture -resistant and fireproof drywall is produced, as well as drywall, which has the characteristics of both of the above types. By the way, recently, it is the moisture -resistant drywall that has been especially popular.