Business idea: We build a house from railway containers.

On the Internet, on various sites and forums, illustrations of housing made by their old ones, no longer used by the purpose of railway containers, and other things. However, most likely these were the concepts of possible housing and real buildings from containers, and even in which people would have lived yet.

However, not so long ago, implemented projects of finished real estate began to appear from these same containers or wagons, which in various countries people began to use first as suburban real estate, and after that they began to erect one -story, two -story and even six -story houses of their containers and wagons.

The idea of ​​such construction became very popular, since the cost of such housing was many times less than a standard meter of housing, and in terms of comfort and internal design it was not inferior to the houses built using standard technologies.

How construction is being carried out

As a rule, the minimum construction cost is achieved by a minimum of building materials that are spent to build such a building. If the house is built from containers, then everything is simple here, the final version is designed, the number of containers is designed, after which they are welded together and openings are cut through. Then follows the interior decoration noise insulation and various communications. If the building is planned to be built from freight wagons, then for starters, wheeled pairs of cargo cars are disconnected, after which the process is approximately similar to the construction of containers.

The total cost of the ready -made average house from containers or wagons is samped by thirty -five thousand rubles. Of course, the cost can be more or less depending on the size, the presence of amenities and even the number of window openings.