The story of one amazing transformation or how the idea of ​​a Smart apartment appeared

“Once I came to my acquaintance-designer on the interiors to see his newly repaired and furnished new studio apartment. Honestly, I could not imagine what can be put on this tiny square (twenty with a small meters). An apartment in a hostel came to mind when everything is in the same room – a sofa, a refrigerator, a TV, a closet ..

But as soon as I crossed the threshold, I was absorbed by a feeling of good white envy and deep respect for my friend. I ended up in a cozy lobby, where a stylish large mirror hung, an elegant table for keys and all sorts of little things, a shoe cabinet and a hanger. I was offered coffee, and I proceeded in a friend to the kitchen. It seemed to me for a minute that we were in a fashionable metropolitan coffee shop-cabinets with a lacquered dark red surface successfully echoed with chrome bar chairs and a small persistent.

We enjoyed fragrant coffee, after which a friend proposed to examine the living room-it was enough to turn around (after all, we are in the studio apartment), but I no longer saw that little room named the studio. In front of me was a rather spacious bright guest zone with a round carpet in the center and several ugly bags-bags. The accent added shelves with souvenirs from different countries, which my friend and photo in the framework with images of these countries so often ride.

My amazement knew no bounds, but the surprises did not end there. When I asked him where he was sleeping, he pointed to a strange receptionist closing part of the room space to the right of the entrance. Looking there, I found a wardrobe, and on it-a fully equipped sleeping place (a friend noted that he had never got enough sleep as well as here).

For a long time I was delighted by the creativity of a friend, I still could not understand why Petersburgers, not even those who have studios, and owners of one -room and two -room apartments often complain about the lack of space. Of course, not everyone has the talent of the designer to be able to combine interior items with each other so that you can calmly move around the apartment. However, you can just put a minimum of furniture.

But after some time, a thought occurred to me that forced me to open my own construction company and develop a unique project called the Smart apartment. The main idea was that a small meter housing could be comfortable and multifunctional. Comfort and multifunctionality can be achieved using those meters that are unreasonably used in standard apartments. That is, the apartment is not under a brick, but for a person.

In addition, I wanted the owner of such an apartment to create their layouts, expand, divide or transform the space – in a word, make the surrounding space convenient specifically for myself. So the idea of ​​building houses was born, in which the supporting structures are located only in the frame.

The concept of not just affordable, but comfortable and affordable housing was slowly looming. And what is in your understanding the house of a comfort class? That’s right: this is a convenient underground parking where you can not be afraid for your car and there is enough space for everyone, these are equipped children’s and sports grounds and areas for walking, these are rooms for bicycles and strollers and shops with everything necessary on the first floor. It is also important that the house is in the immediate vicinity of the metro and at the same time that in the area in which it is located, there is a good transport message.

Such apartments as described above are now building in St. Petersburg – a residential complex for optics, 34 is the first Smart -Real Estate project in Russia: Legenda is very proud of its achievement and offers apartments with many layout options. Live in full life – live in the style of Smart!