How I installed a stretch ceiling in the bedroom

Hello, my name is Anna.

I would like to tell my story how I installed a stretch ceiling in the bedroom. It all started with the fact that I came to my girlfriend for girls. Before you go to her bedroom, I noticed that there were some changes, but I did not pay attention to the ceiling. When the evening came, a friend turned on the light, and then it all started. It was a real show and fireworks of emotions! I looked at the top and saw real cosmos, bright stars and endless whirlwinds of galaxies. I never thought that you can do this in my sleeping room. We lay on the bed and watched all this beauty.

A friend told me that such a stretch ceiling, like her, is called the “starry sky” and is very inexpensive. To find out the cost, it is enough to gain in the search engine “stretch ceilings prices”. I immediately “fell ill” with this idea.

The next day I climbed onto the Internet, introduced the phrase “stretch ceilings of Yekaterinburg” into the search and found many sites of firms for installing stretch ceilings. Collections of canvases really amazed in their diversity! But I decided to stop only at the “starry sky”, and immediately called one company. Almost immediately, the measurer and designer arrived. One of them measured the ceiling, and the designer asked what exactly the canvas I like. I pointed to the “starry sky” with various diode bulbs and the effect of unwinding galaxies and planets.

I was warned that the canvas would be ready in about 8 days. So it happened. The doorbell rang on the 9th day. The installers began to prepare all the tools and a heat gun to install my “starry sky”. The process itself is exciting! That’s just a little hot, about 60 degrees. By the end of the 10th day, I was struck by the beauty of the perfectly even surface of the ceiling. Basically, the ceilings are installed in 1 day, but since I ordered a more complex design with an abundance of light bulbs and illumination, the installation took place about 2 days. I do not think that this is a lot for such beauty, especially since it will last me 25 years, if not more! The specialists of that company said that in case of moving, they will be able to dismantle the ceiling, and install it in a new place. Isn’t that a miracle!