Gas mosquiture blocks

Blocks made of gas silicate, recently, on construction sites are used more and more often. With their help, the walls of any building are laid out. Such walls will have a large number of advantages. One of these advantages is low weight. This allows you to very well reduce the complexity of work, as well as increase the speed of construction work. This is important enough and is in great demand. Also, from advantages, it is necessary to note a low thermal conductivity coefficient. These properties are about 3 times higher than that of ceramic brick. As well as gas -winging blocks as the sale of springs at competitive prices is sold in online stores.

This feature allows you to perfectly use such blocks in the middle lane. In this case, the wall can be made with a thickness of 375-400 millimeters. Blocks of such material have good sound insulation. This is due to the porous structure of the material. The material also has good vapor permeability. They breathe perfectly, which allows the whole building to ventilate and receive oxygen. The same features have wood.

Blocks are quite fireproof and have very good strength. Of course, for a building that will have many floors, they may not be suitable, but for the construction of houses with several floors they are quite suitable. The block has quite accurate dimensions, which helps to make masonry correctly and smoothly. This is always necessary in the construction of the walls, because the further operation of the building depends on the even and correct location of the blocks.

But the blocks also have disadvantages, for example, low bending strength. That is why it is necessary to take measures in order to prevent the occurrence of cracks on the walls. These can be monolithic foundations, masonry reinforcement, device of additional supports that will keep the wall design and so on.