How to paint window frames

If you prefer not metal -plastic windows, but wooden, then from time to time window frames must be covered with paint or varnish.

But, making repairs, you can carefully hurt glass with a brush. Paint or varnish can be scrapped after drying with fine sandpaper or penknife. But there is a chance that you are scratched with glass.

In order not to be afraid to smear glass with oil paint, lubricate it with vinegar. It will help keep the glass clean.

Another, more classic way to avoid spots – glue the paper strip on the glass. It is glued along the window frame with soap.

Fighting garbage in paint

If small garbage enters a jar of paint or varnish, do not rush to throw it away. You will need old tights or gauze with a small net. You can put fabric on a jar.

Make a brush in a jar and garbage will remain inside, and the brush will remain clean.

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